"The fight for freedom is God's fight.
So when a man stands for freedom he stands with God.
And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God.
And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God.
A man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
--Ezra Taft Benson

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Where are you Christmas?

For some time now, family and friends have been praying for a Christmas Miracle.  We so want our Dad, Grandpa, Uncles and the other political prisoners to come home for Christmas.  Last night before our ten year old daughter went to bed she gave me a letter and asked me to get it mailed as soon as possible.  I was thinking it was a letter to her dad or maybe her Grandpa.  Below is the letter:

When I read this innocent letter my heart just started to break again into a million pieces.  These children of ours all are still holding onto the hope of the Christmas miracle that their daddys will be home for Christmas.  I must admit I am also hoping for that miracle.  Please continue to pray for the Judge that her heart will be softened and she will be able to help our Christmas wish come true.  We only have 12 more days left until Christmas. 

With only a little over a week before Christmas I have to admit though that I have not gotten into the Christmas Spirit this year.  I just want my husband to be home.  Everytime I think of Christmas I just want to bawl.  It just doesn't seem right to have Christmas without him.  But after I talked with him on the phone tonight he told me that I must try harder to get into the Christmas Spirit.  He wants his children to be happy on Christmas Day and be excited about all of the festivities of the holiday season. We do not want them to suffer this Christmas and feel sorrow.  These children should not have to suffer and feel sad during this season.  They are hurting enough without their daddies.  Please continue to pray for our family and all of the other political prisoners families that we will do our best to enjoy this Christmas season.  Pray for the men that they may be able to find joy also this Christmas season.
God Bless you all who have helped our families this Christmas season.  We appreciate your Christlike love toward our family.  We hope someday soon we will be able to pay it forward. You have demonstrated what Christmas is all about, "The spirit of giving without a thought of getting." Our family wants to wish you and all your families a very merry Holiday Season.  We must remember that God is a God of miracles and he is ultimately in charge but we must learn to find happiness along the way.

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Please remember to write to the patriots and wish them a Merry Christmas
Ammon Bundy - 79404065
Cliven Bundy - 79563065
Dave Bundy - 46088374
Mel Bundy - 73048642
Ryan Bundy - 79400065...
Greg Burelson - 56875408
Gerry Delemus - 15263049
Scott Drexler - 18424023
Todd Engel - 18427023
Rick lovelien - 7906063
Micah McGuire - 56874408
Joe Oshaugnessy - 79403065
Eric Parker - 18426023
Ryan Payne - 79402065
Pete Santilli - 79401065
Steve Stewart - 18425023
Jason Woods - 56869408
Southern Nevada Detention Center
2190 E Mesquite Ave
Pahrump, NV 89060

Dwight Hammond - 59886065
Steven Hammond - 60061065
FCI Terminal Island
P.O. Box 3007
San Pedro, .CA 90733
Joseph David Robertson - 13726046
FCI Englewood
Federal Corrections Institution
9595 W. Quincy Ave.
Littleton, CO 80123

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Spirit

On Saturday, I was able to go down to the rally in Pahrump, Nevada over the weekend.  It was amazing to be able to see all of the wonderful and caring supporters that we have.  Thank you all for supporting our family and all of the political prisoners. 

I was so grateful that I was able to see my sweet husband on Saturday.  I love him so much.  I  enjoyed all 65 minutes talking with him through the monitor and I could have just stayed there forever talking with him. He loves to talk about our children and always wants to make sure that they are happy .  He always tells me how lucky and blessed he is to have the family that he has.  I always tell him back that we are also lucky and blessed to have him in our family.

We talked about Christmas during our visit.  I know it was hard for him and I to talk about it because we just want him to come home for the holidays.  Dave loves, loves Christmas.  He loves to see his children's happy faces on Christmas Day. He has always loved buying gifts for everyone.  He would always buy gifts and give them to family and friends but then he would also give gifts to complete strangers. His greatest joy comes from seeing others happy.  When I was talking with him he told me that for the next couple of weeks that he won't be ordering commissary for himself but instead he is going to buy as many snicker candy bars as he can so that on Christmas Day he can hand out snicker bars to everyone in his pod.  He said he might not have enough by Christmas so he might have to break them in half.  This is how my husband is.  He is always thinking of others.  Isn't this what Christmas is all about.  I am so grateful that I am married to a husband who is always thinking of others.  But it also makes me hurt to think that the only thing these men might get on Christmas Day is a snickers bar.  I wonder how many of us would be happy with just a snickers bar? 

Yesterday, our 13 year old daughter asked me when her dad's next detention hearing was going to be?  I told her I wasn't sure but maybe after Christmas. She wanted to know why it couldn't be before Christmas?  I kept trying to explain to her that Christmas was just around the corner and there might not be enough time to have one.  Nothing, I said was a good enough reason for her.  She finally just said, "I NEED MY DAD HOME FOR CHRISTMAS."   I left the room crying because as parents you always want to try to make your children's Christmas wishes come true.  These children need their daddy to come home.  We need a miracle.

I am asking all of you to please pray that we might witness a miracle this Friday.  All of the defendants are going to go before the judge for a status hearing on the case on Friday morning in Las Vegas.  My husband has not had a hearing for seven months now.  He has not left the Detention Center since May.  Please pray for these men as they travel to Las Vegas for their hearing that they will travel in safety.  Pray for them that they might be able to witness a tender mercy at the hearing.  Also, pray for the lawyers that they will have guidance from the spirit to convey the truth to the Judge.  Lastly, please pray for the Judge that she will be able to see that these men are not guilty and release them to go home to their families for the holidays.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Thanksgiving is the time of the year where we reflect on our many blessings that God has given us. I have so many blessings to be grateful for.  I have a wonderful husband that loves and adores me and I love him tremendously.  We are blessed with six beautiful children that strive everyday to do what is right.  I am surrounded by wonderful and caring family, friends, church members and patriots.  I am so grateful for each and everyone of them.  I am grateful for the patriot community that have done so much for our family and others during this time of need.    I am grateful that we have shelter, food and clothing.  I am grateful for this Country and thankful for the men and women who protect our freedoms.  I am thankful for all of your prayers and fasting on our families behalf.  I am grateful for the letters of encouragement that you write to my husband and myself.  I am thankful for the gospel and its teachings. I am grateful for God and thankful for all of the tender mercies that he has granted to our family.

But even though we have been blessed tremendously there is still one more blessing that I want more than anything and that is to have my dear sweet husband come home. We miss him extremely bad and cry for him daily.  Our hearts are torn without him.  Please continue to pray for this blessing for him to be able to come home and all of the other political prisoners can also go home to their families.

The upcoming holidays will be a challenge on our family.  I know with our Heavenly Father's help and family and friends that we somehow will make it through the Holidays.  But I cried on Halloween so I am sure I will cry again on Thanksgiving.  I can't imagine what Dave and the other political prisoners feel like during the Holidays.  It must be so hard for them to not be home with their little children and spouses.  Please continue to pray for them.

The kids and I so wanted to make Dave his favorite pies which are cherry and coconut cream.  But of course the detention center where Dave is will not allow that.  I pray that they will at least serve them a piece of pie and real turkey (not soy) on Thanksgiving Day.  So the kids and I had to come up with some creative ways to tell Dave we love him and Happy Thanksgiving.  In the detention center you are only allowed to send letters, pictures or soft covered books from an online bookstore.  So we decided to take a big picture of us holding up a message for Dave.  We also decided to make him a blessing tree with all of our fingerprints on the tree.  We assigned each child a color so their dad would know what fingerprint was theirs.

Our family wishes all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and always remember that there is always something to be grateful for.  I thank God everyday for all of you that have blessed our family tremendously.  May God bless each and everyone one of you and your families. 

Love, The Dave Bundy Family

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Our visit to our Daddy!

A couple weeks ago the children and I were able to go down to Pahrump, Nevada to visit Dave at the Southern Nevada Detention Center where he is locked away from his family.

The visit is through a monitor like the picture below.  Each inmate is allowed one visit per week which is one hour long. Inmates can request an extended visit for visitors traveling from out of the state. Extended visits must be approved prior to the visit. Since we live in Utah we were able to get an extended visit. 

I am so grateful for these extended visits which end up being a two hour visit.  Each of our six children are able to have twenty minutes by themselves to talk with their Dad.  It was great to see Dave but it was also extremely hard at the same time.  We just want to touch him and give him lots of hugs and kisses.  The kids and I asked Dave if he wanted us to sing a song to him.  He of course said yes and we started to sing I am a Child of God.  Dave immediately broke down into tears and couldn't stop crying.  This literally crushed all of our hearts.  I looked at each of our children who were all crying and I could see the sadness in their faces.  We were able to sing several more songs to him and ended in a family prayer. 

As we were driving away from the detention center our daughter, Maysa started to bawl.  I asked her what was wrong and she said,  "I have never seen my dad like that before.  I have never seen him crying like he did."  I told her that her dad felt the spirit and was so grateful that he has been blessed with such a wonderful family that he loves so much.

When I got back to Utah there was a letter for me in the mailbox from Dave.  He said, "My dear sweet love.  I too enjoyed our visit.  It was bitter/sweet.  Bitter because I can't hold you and our kids and I see the pain and confusion in their eyes.  Sweet because you came to see me and I got to hear your voices.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for the family he has blessed me with."

During this month of November, please remember each and everyday to be grateful for everything you have.  Especially be grateful for your families and loved ones.  Always love one another and be thankful for each other.  Please continue to pray for all of the political prisoners and their families. These next couple of months are not going to be easy for them to be separated from each other during the holidays.  If you are able to lighten their loads either through service, prayer or donations that would be wonderful.   May God bless you all and your families for your love and support to all of us.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


On Thursday afternoon we received the wonderful news that all seven defendants in the Oregon trial were all found not guilty of the charges they were being charged with. We are grateful for God and for his divine intervention during this trial.  We know that God is ultimately in charge and that he is also a God of Miracles.  We are thankful for the jury members who were able to see the truth through all of the lies.  We know that the truth will always prevail. We are indeed grateful for all of the support that these defendants and their families received during this trial.  There were many of you that supported them through prayer, fasting, donations, letters, rally's and visits.  We can not say thank you enough for all of your support during this trial.  May God Bless you all.

I have had so many people ask me what happens to Dave now?  Dave was not involved in the Oregon trial. He has twelve charges against him from the peaceful protest that took place in Nevada in April of 2014.   Dave is not guilty of any of these charges and was only exercising his First Amendment rights.  His trial along with seventeen others is supposed to begin on February 7, 2017. Dave has now been wrongly imprisoned for 8 months.

This picture is of Dave that was taken in April of 2014, while peacefully exercising his         
1st Amendment Rights.

Please continue to pray and support all of the families that have loved ones that have been wrongfully imprisoned.  These next several months are not going to be easy on the defendants or their families especially during the holidays. We pray for the defendants and their families that they will be given the strength to endure.  We pray that they will be given a jury that will not be afraid to stand up for what is right and be able to see the truth.  We pray for the defense lawyers that they will be able to reveal the truth. We pray for God to be with us always and that the truth will prevail.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gifts from Daddy

My sweet husband was able to send our daughters each a handmade purse from jail.  He had one of his fellow prisoners make these purses for him.  He was able to trade his commissary items for these purses.  I told Dave he should wait for Christmas for me to give them to the girls but he was too excited for his little girls to get them.  Below is a letter that Dave wrote to his daughters when he sent the package:

My dear sweet daughters,

I know it ain't much but I hope you enjoy your hand crafted paper purse made by one of my fellow prisoners.  I love and miss each one of you so very, very much.  You are my little girls and always will be even when you grow into adults.  I want you to always remember how special you are to me, your mom and our Heavenly Father.  Never compromise your standards and you will always be happy.  As sisters always have each others back and take good care of each other all of your lives.  You are sisters for a reason.  Be kind and respectful of each other and serve one another often.  My life has been so sweetly blessed to have each of you as my daughters.  You all have been special blessings from heaven.  I have enjoyed the very special times we've had together.  I have loved every moment with you from the instant you each were born.  You are all so cute and special to me.  I will forever cherish the sweet love you have given to me.  I am so blessed to have daughters like you.

Love Dad

After I read the letter I noticed one of our little girls crying.  She just kept saying that it wasn't fair and she just wants her daddy to come home. The girls all love their purses and cherish them because they are from their daddy.  They show them off to anyone that comes to the house.  They love their daddy and they know without a doubt that their daddy loves them.  Please continue to pray for all the little children and their daddies who are away from each other at this time that they will be able to be reunited together soon.

I am so amazed at the talent that this man has who made these purses.  He is amazing to be able to take paper and trash and make them in a beautiful gift.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Today, I would like to share with you some of the heartbreaks that our family has faced recently. When our daughter had her birthday in July, she came home from a shopping trip to a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were sent to her from her daddy.  Her daddy had a little helper to help him get this delivery done.  She loved her flowers.  She cried about her flowers.  She even got all dressed up and had me take her around town and take pictures of her with her flowers so she could send to her daddy.  She wanted her daddy to see how pretty her flowers were and how happy they made her.  She placed these flowers right by her bed so she would be able to see them every night. 

  Yesterday, I saw my daughter bring these flowers out of her room.  Now, remember her birthday was in July and now it is October.  I thought she was going to throw them away.  But instead she filled the vase up with water.  I was puzzled at what she was doing.  These flowers are completely dead. They are over three months old.  She then went into her room and I followed her and saw her spraying these flowers with a spray bottle of water.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I read if you water your flowers and spray them with water that they will last longer.  I don't want them to die because dad gave them to me."  I had to quickly leave the room because I started to bawl.  She is afraid and scared that these flowers from her daddy will die.  She doesn't want the memory to die.  She loves her daddy and misses him so much.   These flowers bring her so much comfort during this hard time in her life.

Another heartbreak, is that today we had a birthday party for our son.  My sister said to me, "Do you realize that Dave has now missed everyone of his children's birthday's this year?"  Our children's birthday's start in March and go until October.  This also broke my heart.  Dave loves birthdays.  He loves spoiling his children on their birthdays and making them feel special.  He would never miss a birthday.  It breaks his heart to not be able to spend everyday day with his family especially their birthdays.

Lastly, as I was talking to Dave tonight I mentioned to him that I was thinking about taking our four year olds training wheels off and seeing if he could ride a bike.  After I said this, I noticed Dave was very quite and then I could hear him cry.  Again my heart broke for my husband and our children.  I do not like to hear my husband cry because he can't be here to experience moments with his family.

I try to do my best to make people believe that I am strong and a brave women.   But I am definitely not as brave and strong as you think I am.  Tonight my heart is breaking for our children and their daddy.   When people ask me if I am ok I just really want to tell them that I am not ok.  How could I be ok with what is going on with our family and other families in this country?  My heart is breaking for all of the children and their daddies.  Then, I begin getting really frustrated and asking the questions of Why.  Why would the country that we love lock away our daddy/husband for absolutely no reason at all?  Why would they want children and families to suffer?  Why would they not let him come home?

I continue to ask you for prayers and support for all the families involved.  But, also please become more involved by educating yourselves on this issue and make your vote count so that these daddy's don't miss out on anymore birthday's or events in their children lives. Thank you to all of you that do pray and support our families.  We are indeed grateful for your love and support.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tender Mercies

Even though this trial is hard Dave and I have been so blessed to know that we are a forever family and that we will be together someday soon.  We are grateful for the blessings and tender mercies of the Lord.

I want to share with you about one of our biggest blessings, which is our 15 year old son, Brett.  Brett has always been his daddy's little boy.  Ever since he was a litle boy he wanted to go whereever his daddy was going.  He would always walk around the house wearing his daddy's shoes. He shares alot of the same things that his dad enjoys, sports, aviation, riding horses, hunting and camping.  His dad taught him so many things.  He misses his dad tremendously but at the same time he is trying to make his dad proud of him.  He is trying his best to be a great helper while his dad is gone.

I have been so impressed with Brett lately.  He amazes me with his strength and courage everyday.  Every day he talks into his phone and is able to save what he says into a word document.  Then at the end of the week he prints out what he said and mails it to his dad every Monday.  He wants to make sure his dad knows what is going on in his life.  One day I read one of his letters.  I was thinking he would just tell him the basics like I went to school, went to football practice, ate dinner and went to bed.  But I was so impressed with his letter not only did he inform his dad on what he was doing but he shared scriptures with his dad and gave his dad a wonderful sermon about having stregnth and courage to carry on and not give up.

He watches over our little three year old and makes sure he tucks him into bed everynight.  He helps me with all kinds of different jobs and tasks.  There are some days that he might hesitate in wanting to help but he always ends up helping.
Another example was last week when our eight year old sons flag football team lost.  Brett was actually the referree for the game.  Brett could tell that his brother was discouraged and having a bad day.  So as we were headed home to have dinner Brett says, "well lets go get ice cream."  I told him, "we can't because we have dinner waiting at home."  Brett said, "Mom when I was Bronco's age dad would always take me to Dairy Queen to get ice cream before we came home to you for dinner."  So I better do what dad would want me to do.  Not only did we all get ice cream but Brett totally paid for all the ice cream with his own money.

Yesterday, as we were driving home from the fundraiser we stopped to get a bite to eat.  Brett helped his little brother with his plate and everyone was busy eating.  I looked over at Brett and he had his arms folded and his head down and was praying before he ate.  This made my heart swell.  What a great example Brett is not only to his brothers and sisters but also too dad and mom.

God has blessed us and has sent us some tender mercies through our son Brett.   There are so many times that Dave and I feel so badly for our children.  We feel that they have been robbed of experiences with their dad and also have to suffer during this trial.  For instance, Dave wasn't here to take Brett on the deer hunt.  He hasn't been able to help him train his horse. He isn't here now to watch Brett play football and cheer him on.    But I can honestly say that our son Brett is following in his dads footsteps of becoming a fine gentelman and that is one way of how God is blessing us during this trial.  I am also amazed at how coruageous all of the children of the Political Prisoners are.  They have such strong faith and they know that their daddy's and grandpa's are good men and God will bring them home soon.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Last week after talking with Dave we decided it was time to deactivate the facebook account.  There was alot of good from being on facebook but then there were alot of unnecessary distractions also.  I am going to miss seeing and hearing from all of you wonderful supporters.  I will also miss seeing friends and family members post about their families.  Those are things that I enjoyed reading about.  But I have realized that at this moment in my life that I need to shut down any unnecessary distractions and use that time to focus more on our children and Dave.  I will continue to update my blog on a weekly basis.  I definately don't want people to forget about my dear sweet husband and the other political prisoners. 

Lately, I have had people ask me if things are getting any easier or better.  Well, it is actually the complete opposite.  Each day seems to be only getting harder and harder.  We miss our daddy/husband dearly.  We want to be together like we were before.  We want to be building our home together.  We want to be able to spend the upcoming holidays together.  We want to be able to make memories together.  But so far my husband has not been able to come home and these moments that I have been talking about experiencing have been stripped away from our family for the time being.

I know that I must stay strong for my husband and our children.  It is not easy.  One night last week I became overwhelemed.  All within one hour I had our eight year old son wanting to play football with him, then I also had people coming over to pick up fruit, then my daughter needed help with her volleyball and my one year old and three year old needed dinner.  I tried my best to help each one of them but I felt like I fell short and wasn't able to help them in the way I wanted too.  Dave and I love our children dearly.  We only want the best for them.  We pray everynight for them that they will be strong through this trial we are experiencing.  Dave and I pray for each other several times a day that we will be able to make it through the day and be able to stay strong for each other and our children.

I ask all of you to look at your family situation and if there is an unnecessary distraction that is taking away from your family time then get rid of it.  Do all that you can to make memories and spend quality time with your family.  Those distractions aren't imortant but making memories with your family is what is most important.

Below is a picture of our family doing something that we loved to do together, CAMPING!

I pray that next year we will be able to take another camping picture with all of our family together.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Events to Support

Below are two awesome events that are being held to support the Patriot Political Prisoners.  We are grateful for the support that fellow Americans are showing towards our families.  Please support these events if you are able to and if not then please keep on praying for all of the Political Prisoners and their families.  Especially remember to keep the Prayers coming for all those that are involved in the Oregon trial.  We know that God is ultimately in control but we must never stop praying and putting our full faith in God.  God Bless America.

Monday, September 5, 2016


It has been 6 months now since Dave was taken away from us.  It seems like forever to my sweet companion and I.  We know that trials can help us to grow in areas that we might need growth.  We know that God is with us constantly.  We know that he sends angels to watch over us.  But even knowing these truths it still is extremely hard being seperated from my forever companion.  Dave and I have learned from this situation that you can either be angry and mad all the time or you can try to make the best out of the situation.

Dave does try to make the best out of this situation.  And I am so proud of him for that. This last week Dave was so excited because someone new had come into his pod that was interested in learning about Aviation.  Since Dave has been imprisoned he has not met one person that really wanted to learn about flying.  But this last week he met a young man that wanted to learn more.  If anyone truly knows Dave, then they would know that his first love in life of course is his family and God and his next would absolutely be aviation.  This gave him a boost this last week as he was able to teach this young man how exciting aviation can be.

Ever since Dave was a little boy he enjoyed reading aviation magazines.  He even had little metal airplane toys that he would fly around the house and pretend he was a pilot. He always dreamed of being a professional pilot.  He worked really hard after high school graduation to obtain his pilots license.  After we were married he was able to accomplish many of his goals in aviation.  He obtained several ratings, licenses and two years ago he became a flight instructor.  It took Dave several years to accomplish these goals because he always put his family first before anything.  He made sure his family was taken care of before he would spend money on aviation.

I have asked Dave many times what he loves about flying.  I remember him saying that when he is flying he feels he is above the worries of life.  He feels closer to God because of the miracle of flight.

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I am proud of Dave and the goals that he has accomplished in aviation.  He made goals and he went after them.  He teaches our kids the same philosophy today.  That you can become or do anything you want too.  You just have to put forth the effort and have the determination and heart and go after your dreams.  Dave will fly again, but for now he will have to borrow my wings to get through this turbulence that we are experiencing. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Angels among us

Dave and I just wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the many wonderful Angels that have surrounded our family in the past 6 months.  We have been tremendously blessed.  You have put your arms around our family and lifted us up when we felt we could no longer stand.  Thank you for the many prayers, meals, donations, letters, phone calls, visits and many more kind acts of service.  My favorite thing to tell my husband is how much people love us and our thinking of us.  It always makes him cry and he reminds me to put it down in the ledger.  He is hoping someday he will have the chance to pay it forward.  Thank you for opening your arms and your hearts to our family.

Below is a picture of blankets that several women made for all the Bundy children whose daddy's are kept away from them.  They wanted each child to have a blanket to wrap around them and feel secure when their daddy's weren't near.  What a wonderful gift.  Thank you to all of these women.

Below is a picture of how some very special friends/family members spoiled me and made me feel so special.  I am so grateful to those friends and the love they have for our family.

I could go on and on all night of the many acts of kindness and service that people have shown toward our family.  Thank you for ministering to our family.  I miss my husband dearly and the pain can be so unbearable at times without him.  But I know that God with not forsake our family and that is why he has sent his angels to help with our physical and spiritual needs.  May God Bless you and your families also.
LDS Service Quote  http://sprinklesonmyicecream.blogspot.com/:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Daddy's little boys

This past weekend our two boys have struggled.  Our kids have been away from their dad for six months now.  Our oldest boy seemed bummed this weekend.  I asked him what his friends were doing for the weekend and he said, "they were all going Deer Hunting with their dads."  I knew this was really bothering him because he doesn’t have his dad here to go do those things with.  Our other son came home from a football game and went into my room and started to cry.  I asked him what was wrong, he said, “my dad isn’t here to throw the football with me.  He isn’t hear to teach me how to build things.  I need my dad.”  And our youngest boy always asks for his dad and when he gets hurt always cries for his daddy.  Below is a letter that our middle son wrote to his daddy today.

Dave wrote a letter to our children this last week.  He said, "First of all I want to remind you that I love you all very much.  Next to Heavenly Father and your mother there is not anything I cherish more than you my good sweet children.  I miss my close association with you.  I miss holding, hugging and kissing you.  I just miss being with you.  I know we both hurt being apart, but we have survived so far and I suppose we will as long as the Lord see's fit.  We must continue to have faith and patience while waiting for the Lord to provide a way for us to be together again.  Keep having faith, keep praying and keep trusting in our Lord.  I am grateful that you are good and loving kids. Never forget how special you are to me and that I love you so very much.  Remember we are an eternal family and forever we will be if we all do our parts and with the Lords help.  With Love, Your Dad."

I am praying with all of my heart and strength that the Lord will intervene soon.  That these good daddy's and men can go home to their families where they belong.  Please, please help these men to come home. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Telephone Calls

Dave is still at the Southern Nevada Detention Center in Pahurmp, Nevada.  I hate that he is so far away from our family but I am so grateful that we are able to talk on the phone on a daily basis. Tonight as I was talking with Dave I asked him what the phones were like.  He told me that there are four phones in his pod and they are placed very close together.  I know how close they are together because you are constantly trying to hear what the other person is saying.  There is so much noise. Because there are 96 men in his pod the phones at night especially can get very busy.  The other night Dave waited in line for over an hour before he was able to use the phone.

I just assumed that whenever Dave was talking to me that he was sitting in a chair while talking.  He laughed tonight and told me he wishes he had a chair.  So I told him to go get one.  He told me that they are not allowed to use chairs while they are talking on the phone.  He said they either have to stand up like the picture below or they can sit on the concrete floor and he has to hold his head just right because the cord is not that long.  This made me so frustrated because I just don't understand why they have to treat inmates so terribly.  How hard would it really be to place four chairs by these phones or cement in four stools?  Why does my husband and others have to be treated like this when they aren't even guilty? Actually, why should any human being have to be treated like this?

I am frustrated with this trial and just don't understand it at times but I am indeed grateful that I am in contact with my husband on a daily basis.  I am grateful that he can call home and our family can hear his sweet voice.  I am thankful that I can lift him up when he is down and he can do the same for me.  The day can not come soon enough when I will be reunited with my husband and not have to talk to him through the telephone or through the monitor at the jail.  Please continue to pray for these men that they will have the strength to endure.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Dally's Letter

I am sorry that I have not been blogging lately.  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that I need to accomplish.  I miss my husband dearly.   We always worked as a team to accomplish many tasks.  My husband does remind me that he is praying for me daily that I will be able to accomplish what I need to get done.  I know that not only is he praying for me but there are many prayers being offered daily in behalf of our family.  I can feel those prayers and I am grateful for them.  Please to continue to pray for our family and the other political prisoners families.

Our ten year old daughter overheard me talk about how her dad was feeling a little down the other day.  She later came back with this paper for me to mail to her dad.  I teared up when I saw it.  She is so thoughtful.  I love the part that she told her dad to see if he could find other people to play with him.  She wants her dad to be happy and she wants him to not be alone.  I love how her crossword puzzle includes words that are important to her and her dad; Forever, Love, Dally, Funny, Heart, Family and Friends.  Dave called me today and told me how he loved Dally's letter.  Her letters always cheer him up.  He always says the faith of his children are what helps him through the day.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


This last week I was able to go down and see Dave in Pahrump.  We had as good as visit as you could have through a computer screen.  He looks like he has lost anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds.  He looked tired but was so happy to see us.  He is missing his family extremely bad and we are missing him also.  I took with me our eight year old boy.  Dave kept telling me to give him kisses on the cheek from him and for him to kiss me back.  He said he loved seeing the love that our son and I have for each other.  It made him happy to see his son smiling. We also blew lots of kisses to him.  I wish he could have caught the kisses but the video monitor that we see each other through is pretty thick.

Before we got down to the jail Dave put in a request that I pick up some of his personnel property.  Dave only has a small box under his bed where he has to store all of his letters, pictures and commissary items. When his box is getting to full then Dave has the guards put some of his letters in his personnel property which is stored in a storage area within the jail.

As I was going through his belongings it brought tears to my eyes.  I am overwhelmed at the love and support that Dave has received from all over the country.  Thank you too everyone who has sent Dave a letter, picture, magazine or book.  Dave told me that I could go ahead and read the letters. I have read several letters and I am overcome with emotion. I am so grateful to all of you who have taken the time to write to him. Dave wants me to tell all of you how grateful he is to each and everyone of you who has sent him a letter or other items.  He said that when he receives mail it gives him the strength that he needs to make it through the day.  He also said that he is so sorry if he hasn't written you back but he is so so appreciative to all of you.  He loves you.

Last time I was at the jail one of the guards told me that he can't believe how much mail these patriots receive (well he said inmates).  I told them it is because they are true patriots who have done nothing wrong and that America supports them.

I ask of all of you to continue to pray and write to my husband and all of the political prisoners.  It makes my heart break to know how long these men could be detained before their trial.  These next seven months are going to be the hardest for them to bare and also their families.  If these men are not released before the trial then they will not be home for any of the upcoming holidays.  I can't imagine what it is going to be like without my sweet companion and my children's daddy.  I do not know how we will be able to get through this.  He will miss seeing our kids in their Halloween costumes, he will miss carving the turkey for Thanksgiving, he will miss the surprise look on his kids faces as their opening their gifts for Christmas and he will miss singing Happy New Year with his family. Please continue to pray and write to these men.  They need your prayers and your letters more than ever.

David H. Bundy 46088374
Nevada Southern Detention Center
2190 East Mesquite Avenue
Pahrump, NV 89060

Also Below is a link with addresses to all the Political Prisoners 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birthday Girl

Our daughter's birthday was yesterday and we had a great day spending the day with each other.  The only thing that would have made the day better was having her daddy with us.  She has a very strong bond with her dad and misses him terribly.  After we got home from shopping up north our daughter was surprised to find flowers waiting for her in the kitchen.  She was so excited and couldn't guess who they would be from.  As she started to read the letter she started to cry.  She said they were from her dad.  She was so surprised.  She just couldn't believe how he would be able to send flowers from the jail.  This surprise is what made her birthday.  As I went to bed last night I noticed that the flowers were not on the kitchen table.  I went and checked on our daughter and she was asleep right by her flowers.  Thank you so much to the wonderful angel who helped Dave give these flowers to his daughter for her birthday.  You are an amazing person.  These flowers brought a lot of happiness not only to our daughter but also to her daddy. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Faith of the little ones

Our little 8 year old came up to me and was asking me how much longer before the next judge is going to judge our dad? I told him it would be a little while longer. He said, "mom if the next judge won't do their job and let our dad out then it will be Jesus that will be the one that will let our dad out." This brought many tears to my eyes because he is 100 percent correct. It also makes me feel so grateful to know that our little 8 year old has a testimony of God and Jesus Christ. I am amazed at these children's strength and how courageous they are while their daddy's are away from them. I also do know that even though they are trying to be brave they are still suffering and struggling inside.

Our children bring Dave and I such happiness. They are our greatest blessings. I need to learn from the example of our children and start having more trust and faith in God during this process. I know that it is because of their faith and their strong spirits that help Dave make it through each day. Everyday he calls and all he wants to know is if I am happy and how the children are doing. He actually doesn't like to talk about anything else. He only wants to make sure that his family is taken care of and he worries about us constantly. Other inmates in his room tell him to stop thinking about his family and focus on other things. He tells them that his family is his whole world and that is what he will always put his focus on. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband/dad in our lives. We will continue to pray for our Dad and put our trust and faith in God to help bring him home.

Friday, July 8, 2016


I have not posted on my blog for a week now because I am tired and also feeling discouraged.  I see so many other people who feel the same way that I am feeling.  We are feeling that there is a lot of injustice that is going on in America.  This week has been hard to find the news that a certain individual has done wrong in this country and is getting away with their crimes where my husband and others are sitting in a cold jail cell for doing nothing but standing up for their freedoms and rights. 

Tomorrow is my husbands and mine seventeenth wedding anniversary.  My heart is feeling broken that I will not be able to spend it with my sweetheart.  I also have two kids birthdays that are coming up in the next week.  It just seems harder and harder to celebrate without my husband and our dad home.  I am constantly praying for strength and direction.  I wish there was news to report on my husbands case but for now there is none.

Every Sunday after we say family prayer with my husband over the phone we then sing him a song.  This Sunday I was trying to think of a song to sing him.  I was thinking of a patriotic song but nothing really came to mind.  So instead my sister suggested, "Come, Come, Ye Saints."  It was the perfect song.  Many of us in the room got emotional.  Dave cried and tried to sing the words, "All is well, all is well."  Dave is trying to be strong and trying his best to have a good attitude.  After hearing this song again today I know without a doubt that God will not forsake us.  I know we must keep pressing forward and having faith in God.  It is Satan's plan for us to become very doubtful and discouraged but we must not let him win.  We must continue to pray and someday soon we will all sing, "All is well, all is well."

Friday, July 1, 2016

Letter to Dave

Tonight I am going to share with you a letter that I wrote to my husband.  I usually don't share my letters but tonight I feel impressed to do so.

Hello My Love,

Tonight Brett came home from the movie and wanted to go camping where Logan was.  He told me that he wanted to take Payton and Bronco.  He said all I had to do is pack their bags and take them to Oak City to meet Logan.  I immediately told him that he could take Bronco but not Payton.  I didn’t want Payton to get hurt or lost in the Mountains and I not being able to take care of him.  Brett kept on bugging me and bugging me.  I kept on hesitating and kept telling him no. 

I went downstairs to get Payton ready for bed and I got this overwhelming feeling.  It was you.  I felt you tonight.  I could feel you telling me that it would be ok if Payton went with Brett and Bronco.  I could hear you say to me to let him go and have fun with his brothers.  I could hear you saying don’t worry Marylynn, Brett will take good care of him and he will snuggle right up to his big brother.  It made me become very emotional and I cried.  I knew you were right and I followed your advice and let the three brothers go up to Oak City for a camp out. 

I am grateful you were with me tonight.  I could feel you so close tonight.  I just wish I could have given you a hug.  I miss you dearly but I know that you are with us.  I know that you are constantly praying for us and thinking of us.  I know that you are here to help me when I feel extremely overwhelmed. I am grateful for this tender mercy that I experienced tonight and for the power of prayer.

Don’t worry my love, we will be together soon.  You will be reunited with your beautiful family and will be able to go on many camping trips with all of us.  You will be able to smell the wonderful fresh air, see the stars in the sky, smell and hear the sound of the campfire, enjoy a wonderful dutch oven dinner and lots of cuddling with your kids inside their sleeping bags.   Always, remember that you are not alone.  Heavenly Father is with you, angels are surrounding you and your family is constantly praying and thinking of you.   Love always and Forever, Marylynn  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


My husband loves to read.  Growing up for the most part his family did not have a television so they spent a lot of time reading different books and magazines.  Below is a picture of what his nightstand looked like before he was taken away.  He had a variety of books that he was reading such as: books on aviation, one on how to train a colt, constitution booklet and one on Joseph Smith.  Other books he likes to read are his scriptures and books about his ancestors.

Dave loves to read and likes to learn all he can about a variety of different subjects.  Most of his books were taken away from him when he got transferred to Pahrump.  Thankfully, they let him take his scriptures with him.  If any of you would like to send him a book he would love that.  The books need to be mailed directly from an online vendor and straight to the facility.  Some of these vendors are amazon, Barnes and Noble and Deseret Bookstore.  The books all must be a soft covered book.  They will not accept hardback books.

Below is his address:

David H. Bundy 46088374
Nevada Southern Detention Center
2190 East Mesquite Avenue
Pahrump, NV 89060

At first when he got to Pahrump he had a very hard time focusing.   It was hard for him to write letters or even read a book.  With 96 roommates it would be hard for anyone to get some peace and quite time.  But now he was able to order some ear plugs so that helps a lot to diffuse some of the sounds around him.  We love Dave and miss him dearly.  Please continue to pray for him and all the other political prisoners.

Friday, June 24, 2016

114 days

Dave has been locked away from us for 114 days.  He has missed one graduation, 14 baseball games, 16 volleyball games, one space derby, two piano/music recitals, 114 sunsets, one swim meet, two children's birthday's, 16 church services, 2,736 hours away from his family, mother's day, father's day, 342 family meals, one Easter, 16 date nights and three school programs.   One thing he hasn't missed is our nightly family prayers.  I am so grateful that he is able to call home every night so that we can have family prayer with him.  We are praying hard every night that he will be able to come home soon so that he will not miss anymore family meals, baseball games, football games, birthdays, etc.  We will not stop praying until he is home where he belongs.  

"Satan tries to limit your praying because he knows your praying will limit him.":

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Visits with Dave

We have had a busy past couple of days.  Myself and our six kids took a road trip down to Pahrump, NV to see Dave.  It took us about eight hours to drive down there with lots and lots of stops.  We wanted to make sure we were with Dave for Father's Day.  We planned our trip so we would be able to visit him on Saturday and then also on Sunday.  The inmates get one visit per week.  The week ends on Saturday and then a new week starts again on Sunday.

 We had such a great visit with him.  We were able to talk with him through video conference for two hours on Saturday and one hour on Sunday.  The kids had so much to tell him and took up most of the time.  But that was fine because it was Father's Day and they love their dad and needed him.  On Saturday Dave told the kids that maybe they could wave to him from the car and he would hurry out to the yard so he could see them waving.  Well, I told our kids to get into the car but they said they wanted to walk to see if they could see him.  I told them not to go past the sidewalk.  Well, Dave's pod is way past the sidewalk.  I saw our kids getting closer to the end of the sidewalk so I started to yell at them to stop and come back to the car.  The kids did not listen to me and just kept running farther in hopes to be able to find their dad.  I kept yelling for them to come back and they just kept on running and never turned their heads once to look at me.  All of the sudden, I see the kids jumping up and down for joy.  It really was like Christmas morning for them.  They were waving and yelling, "we see him, we see him, mom come quick."  I hurried and got in my car and drove to where they were.  Sure enough through the fences we could see him waving to us.  We were all excited and started to blow kisses and shouting to him.  We waved and told him how much we loved him.  Well, it was only a couple of minutes and the car that patrols the detention center told us to get away from the fence and get out of there.  We hurried and got into the car and drove away.  I told my kids that maybe we should not have done that (By the way, there was no sign that told us not to enter or stay away from the fence) but my kids said it was awesome.  Our daughter said, "Mom that is the first time I have seen my dad in person since they took him away and I loved it."  The kids were on cloud nine for the rest of the day. We were so blessed to be able to see him and I am so glad that our kids had so much faith and determination to just keep on running towards their daddy.

Dave lives in the G3 pod.  There is so much barbed wire fencing surrounding his yard which also has alot of electrical fencing. Dave loved that he got to see his kids and couldn't believe how big they have gotten.  But he also said that he feels so bad for them to have to see him like this.  It was hard for him to think that his kids had to see him being locked up behind all of these fences.  He just wanted to run out to them and give them a hug and kiss.  But I know that our kids were able to look past the fence.  All they saw was their loving, caring, happy and awesome daddy.

On Sunday Dave sang to the kids out of the church hymn book.  He just kept telling them how much he loved them and was proud of them over and over.  Our kids did not want to say goodbye to their dad because since we live so far away we probably can't afford to come back as often as we would like.  We were so grateful for the opportunity to be able to see him.  We were also thankful that we got to see and talk with Cliven and Mel for a little bit. We were thankful for how nice the guards treated us at the Detention Center.  They were very patient with us and answered any questions that we had.

The kids love their daddy.  I love my husband.  We miss him dearly.  Everyday that we are away from him is a struggle.   We appreciate all of your prayers and love towards our family.  I do feel daily that angels are watching over us and also Dave while he is away from us.  As a family we continue to pray to Heavenly Father that he will allow us to be together soon.  We pray for all of the political prisoners that they also can be reunited with their families. We love you DAVE BUNDY and we will see you again soon.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day

As we were driving down South on our way to see Dave at the Southern Nevada Detention Center our twelve year old daughter just started to cry.  I asked her why she was crying and thought that maybe one of her siblings pushed her or did something to her while we were driving (Hey eight hours in the car with six siblings can get to the best of you).  She told me that, "she is so mad that they took her Dad away and now how is she supposed to make him breakfast and give him gifts on Father's Day."  My heart was broken again.  I tried to assure her that everything would be ok.  I told her that she was going to get to see him this weekend.  She started to cry even harder.  She said, "Ten minutes is not enough time to be able to talk and see my dad.  I need my dad."  My heart broke even harder.  I thought Mother's Day was hard because my husband wasn't around but I was totally wrong.  See on Mother's Day I was able to have my children be with me and love on me.  These children do not get to have their father to love on or their father doesn't get them to love on him.  I have broken down how many minutes each of us gets to talk with Dave on Father's Day.  I am totally giving my children most of my time with Dave because it's their dad and they need him more than ever.

Below are pictures of our time with Dave last Father's Day.  It was a great day and Dave totally got spoiled just like every dad should on Father's Day.  My ten year old said, "I hope they make all the dad's a special meal on Father's Day."  Pray for all these men and their children to have a good day on Sunday.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Where is Daddy?

This trial has been extremely hard for our children to understand where their daddy is.  It is also hard for them to understand why their dad can't come home.  It has been hard to explain to each one of the kids where their dad is and why he is not able to come home.  But the child who struggles the most with this is our little three year old.  I have had to talk with him several times to try to explain where his Daddy is because he has overheard others talking about it.  But he told me that just bad guys go to jail and his daddy is a good guy.  I have decided that he is way to young to comprehend what is happening and he is only three so give the kid a break.  He knows that his dad is a good daddy and that he doesn't belong in Jail.  So for the last three months this little guy keeps believing that his dad isn't in jail but is flying an airplane in the sky.  This little guy waves to his dad everytime he hears an airplane. This breaks my heart when he does this because his dad should be home with him but it actually puts a smile on his little face.  I did not put this thought into his mind but instead that is where he believes his daddy is.  His daddy used to take him flying with him.  They loved to go on flights together.   These little kids shouldn't have to struggle.  It is just not fair.  His daddy should be home with him flying high in the sky.  Free the Political Prisoners.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Celebrate Father's Day all week long

This week is the week leading up to Father's Day.  I challenge everyone this week to honor their father's in their lives.  I am so blessed to have so many different father figures in my life that have helped me along the way.  Below are five wonderful Father's.  These men love their children with all their hearts.  Their children love their daddy's and miss them dearly.  Between these fathers there are 26 children who live at home that are missing their daddy's.  I am grateful for all of these father's below.  They have all had a great influence on me and our children.  They have taught them about hard work, service, love, education. god and laughter.   Remember to take time this week to honor the father's in your life.

Mel, Cliven, Dave, Ammon and Ryan Bundy

Below is a cute little card that our Dally made for her Daddy!