"The fight for freedom is God's fight.
So when a man stands for freedom he stands with God.
And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God.
And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God.
A man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
--Ezra Taft Benson

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birthday Girl

Our daughter's birthday was yesterday and we had a great day spending the day with each other.  The only thing that would have made the day better was having her daddy with us.  She has a very strong bond with her dad and misses him terribly.  After we got home from shopping up north our daughter was surprised to find flowers waiting for her in the kitchen.  She was so excited and couldn't guess who they would be from.  As she started to read the letter she started to cry.  She said they were from her dad.  She was so surprised.  She just couldn't believe how he would be able to send flowers from the jail.  This surprise is what made her birthday.  As I went to bed last night I noticed that the flowers were not on the kitchen table.  I went and checked on our daughter and she was asleep right by her flowers.  Thank you so much to the wonderful angel who helped Dave give these flowers to his daughter for her birthday.  You are an amazing person.  These flowers brought a lot of happiness not only to our daughter but also to her daddy. 

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  1. What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it, Marylynn. Our signature at the bottom is Elder and Sister Walker (which we are, again), but it's only because this system won't allow me to change it to KC. Sometimes you just get what you get? :)