"The fight for freedom is God's fight.
So when a man stands for freedom he stands with God.
And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God.
And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God.
A man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
--Ezra Taft Benson

Saturday, July 30, 2016


This last week I was able to go down and see Dave in Pahrump.  We had as good as visit as you could have through a computer screen.  He looks like he has lost anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds.  He looked tired but was so happy to see us.  He is missing his family extremely bad and we are missing him also.  I took with me our eight year old boy.  Dave kept telling me to give him kisses on the cheek from him and for him to kiss me back.  He said he loved seeing the love that our son and I have for each other.  It made him happy to see his son smiling. We also blew lots of kisses to him.  I wish he could have caught the kisses but the video monitor that we see each other through is pretty thick.

Before we got down to the jail Dave put in a request that I pick up some of his personnel property.  Dave only has a small box under his bed where he has to store all of his letters, pictures and commissary items. When his box is getting to full then Dave has the guards put some of his letters in his personnel property which is stored in a storage area within the jail.

As I was going through his belongings it brought tears to my eyes.  I am overwhelmed at the love and support that Dave has received from all over the country.  Thank you too everyone who has sent Dave a letter, picture, magazine or book.  Dave told me that I could go ahead and read the letters. I have read several letters and I am overcome with emotion. I am so grateful to all of you who have taken the time to write to him. Dave wants me to tell all of you how grateful he is to each and everyone of you who has sent him a letter or other items.  He said that when he receives mail it gives him the strength that he needs to make it through the day.  He also said that he is so sorry if he hasn't written you back but he is so so appreciative to all of you.  He loves you.

Last time I was at the jail one of the guards told me that he can't believe how much mail these patriots receive (well he said inmates).  I told them it is because they are true patriots who have done nothing wrong and that America supports them.

I ask of all of you to continue to pray and write to my husband and all of the political prisoners.  It makes my heart break to know how long these men could be detained before their trial.  These next seven months are going to be the hardest for them to bare and also their families.  If these men are not released before the trial then they will not be home for any of the upcoming holidays.  I can't imagine what it is going to be like without my sweet companion and my children's daddy.  I do not know how we will be able to get through this.  He will miss seeing our kids in their Halloween costumes, he will miss carving the turkey for Thanksgiving, he will miss the surprise look on his kids faces as their opening their gifts for Christmas and he will miss singing Happy New Year with his family. Please continue to pray and write to these men.  They need your prayers and your letters more than ever.

David H. Bundy 46088374
Nevada Southern Detention Center
2190 East Mesquite Avenue
Pahrump, NV 89060

Also Below is a link with addresses to all the Political Prisoners 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birthday Girl

Our daughter's birthday was yesterday and we had a great day spending the day with each other.  The only thing that would have made the day better was having her daddy with us.  She has a very strong bond with her dad and misses him terribly.  After we got home from shopping up north our daughter was surprised to find flowers waiting for her in the kitchen.  She was so excited and couldn't guess who they would be from.  As she started to read the letter she started to cry.  She said they were from her dad.  She was so surprised.  She just couldn't believe how he would be able to send flowers from the jail.  This surprise is what made her birthday.  As I went to bed last night I noticed that the flowers were not on the kitchen table.  I went and checked on our daughter and she was asleep right by her flowers.  Thank you so much to the wonderful angel who helped Dave give these flowers to his daughter for her birthday.  You are an amazing person.  These flowers brought a lot of happiness not only to our daughter but also to her daddy. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Faith of the little ones

Our little 8 year old came up to me and was asking me how much longer before the next judge is going to judge our dad? I told him it would be a little while longer. He said, "mom if the next judge won't do their job and let our dad out then it will be Jesus that will be the one that will let our dad out." This brought many tears to my eyes because he is 100 percent correct. It also makes me feel so grateful to know that our little 8 year old has a testimony of God and Jesus Christ. I am amazed at these children's strength and how courageous they are while their daddy's are away from them. I also do know that even though they are trying to be brave they are still suffering and struggling inside.

Our children bring Dave and I such happiness. They are our greatest blessings. I need to learn from the example of our children and start having more trust and faith in God during this process. I know that it is because of their faith and their strong spirits that help Dave make it through each day. Everyday he calls and all he wants to know is if I am happy and how the children are doing. He actually doesn't like to talk about anything else. He only wants to make sure that his family is taken care of and he worries about us constantly. Other inmates in his room tell him to stop thinking about his family and focus on other things. He tells them that his family is his whole world and that is what he will always put his focus on. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband/dad in our lives. We will continue to pray for our Dad and put our trust and faith in God to help bring him home.

Friday, July 8, 2016


I have not posted on my blog for a week now because I am tired and also feeling discouraged.  I see so many other people who feel the same way that I am feeling.  We are feeling that there is a lot of injustice that is going on in America.  This week has been hard to find the news that a certain individual has done wrong in this country and is getting away with their crimes where my husband and others are sitting in a cold jail cell for doing nothing but standing up for their freedoms and rights. 

Tomorrow is my husbands and mine seventeenth wedding anniversary.  My heart is feeling broken that I will not be able to spend it with my sweetheart.  I also have two kids birthdays that are coming up in the next week.  It just seems harder and harder to celebrate without my husband and our dad home.  I am constantly praying for strength and direction.  I wish there was news to report on my husbands case but for now there is none.

Every Sunday after we say family prayer with my husband over the phone we then sing him a song.  This Sunday I was trying to think of a song to sing him.  I was thinking of a patriotic song but nothing really came to mind.  So instead my sister suggested, "Come, Come, Ye Saints."  It was the perfect song.  Many of us in the room got emotional.  Dave cried and tried to sing the words, "All is well, all is well."  Dave is trying to be strong and trying his best to have a good attitude.  After hearing this song again today I know without a doubt that God will not forsake us.  I know we must keep pressing forward and having faith in God.  It is Satan's plan for us to become very doubtful and discouraged but we must not let him win.  We must continue to pray and someday soon we will all sing, "All is well, all is well."

Friday, July 1, 2016

Letter to Dave

Tonight I am going to share with you a letter that I wrote to my husband.  I usually don't share my letters but tonight I feel impressed to do so.

Hello My Love,

Tonight Brett came home from the movie and wanted to go camping where Logan was.  He told me that he wanted to take Payton and Bronco.  He said all I had to do is pack their bags and take them to Oak City to meet Logan.  I immediately told him that he could take Bronco but not Payton.  I didn’t want Payton to get hurt or lost in the Mountains and I not being able to take care of him.  Brett kept on bugging me and bugging me.  I kept on hesitating and kept telling him no. 

I went downstairs to get Payton ready for bed and I got this overwhelming feeling.  It was you.  I felt you tonight.  I could feel you telling me that it would be ok if Payton went with Brett and Bronco.  I could hear you say to me to let him go and have fun with his brothers.  I could hear you saying don’t worry Marylynn, Brett will take good care of him and he will snuggle right up to his big brother.  It made me become very emotional and I cried.  I knew you were right and I followed your advice and let the three brothers go up to Oak City for a camp out. 

I am grateful you were with me tonight.  I could feel you so close tonight.  I just wish I could have given you a hug.  I miss you dearly but I know that you are with us.  I know that you are constantly praying for us and thinking of us.  I know that you are here to help me when I feel extremely overwhelmed. I am grateful for this tender mercy that I experienced tonight and for the power of prayer.

Don’t worry my love, we will be together soon.  You will be reunited with your beautiful family and will be able to go on many camping trips with all of us.  You will be able to smell the wonderful fresh air, see the stars in the sky, smell and hear the sound of the campfire, enjoy a wonderful dutch oven dinner and lots of cuddling with your kids inside their sleeping bags.   Always, remember that you are not alone.  Heavenly Father is with you, angels are surrounding you and your family is constantly praying and thinking of you.   Love always and Forever, Marylynn