"The fight for freedom is God's fight.
So when a man stands for freedom he stands with God.
And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God.
And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God.
A man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
--Ezra Taft Benson

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


My husband loves to read.  Growing up for the most part his family did not have a television so they spent a lot of time reading different books and magazines.  Below is a picture of what his nightstand looked like before he was taken away.  He had a variety of books that he was reading such as: books on aviation, one on how to train a colt, constitution booklet and one on Joseph Smith.  Other books he likes to read are his scriptures and books about his ancestors.

Dave loves to read and likes to learn all he can about a variety of different subjects.  Most of his books were taken away from him when he got transferred to Pahrump.  Thankfully, they let him take his scriptures with him.  If any of you would like to send him a book he would love that.  The books need to be mailed directly from an online vendor and straight to the facility.  Some of these vendors are amazon, Barnes and Noble and Deseret Bookstore.  The books all must be a soft covered book.  They will not accept hardback books.

Below is his address:

David H. Bundy 46088374
Nevada Southern Detention Center
2190 East Mesquite Avenue
Pahrump, NV 89060

At first when he got to Pahrump he had a very hard time focusing.   It was hard for him to write letters or even read a book.  With 96 roommates it would be hard for anyone to get some peace and quite time.  But now he was able to order some ear plugs so that helps a lot to diffuse some of the sounds around him.  We love Dave and miss him dearly.  Please continue to pray for him and all the other political prisoners.

Friday, June 24, 2016

114 days

Dave has been locked away from us for 114 days.  He has missed one graduation, 14 baseball games, 16 volleyball games, one space derby, two piano/music recitals, 114 sunsets, one swim meet, two children's birthday's, 16 church services, 2,736 hours away from his family, mother's day, father's day, 342 family meals, one Easter, 16 date nights and three school programs.   One thing he hasn't missed is our nightly family prayers.  I am so grateful that he is able to call home every night so that we can have family prayer with him.  We are praying hard every night that he will be able to come home soon so that he will not miss anymore family meals, baseball games, football games, birthdays, etc.  We will not stop praying until he is home where he belongs.  

"Satan tries to limit your praying because he knows your praying will limit him.":

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Visits with Dave

We have had a busy past couple of days.  Myself and our six kids took a road trip down to Pahrump, NV to see Dave.  It took us about eight hours to drive down there with lots and lots of stops.  We wanted to make sure we were with Dave for Father's Day.  We planned our trip so we would be able to visit him on Saturday and then also on Sunday.  The inmates get one visit per week.  The week ends on Saturday and then a new week starts again on Sunday.

 We had such a great visit with him.  We were able to talk with him through video conference for two hours on Saturday and one hour on Sunday.  The kids had so much to tell him and took up most of the time.  But that was fine because it was Father's Day and they love their dad and needed him.  On Saturday Dave told the kids that maybe they could wave to him from the car and he would hurry out to the yard so he could see them waving.  Well, I told our kids to get into the car but they said they wanted to walk to see if they could see him.  I told them not to go past the sidewalk.  Well, Dave's pod is way past the sidewalk.  I saw our kids getting closer to the end of the sidewalk so I started to yell at them to stop and come back to the car.  The kids did not listen to me and just kept running farther in hopes to be able to find their dad.  I kept yelling for them to come back and they just kept on running and never turned their heads once to look at me.  All of the sudden, I see the kids jumping up and down for joy.  It really was like Christmas morning for them.  They were waving and yelling, "we see him, we see him, mom come quick."  I hurried and got in my car and drove to where they were.  Sure enough through the fences we could see him waving to us.  We were all excited and started to blow kisses and shouting to him.  We waved and told him how much we loved him.  Well, it was only a couple of minutes and the car that patrols the detention center told us to get away from the fence and get out of there.  We hurried and got into the car and drove away.  I told my kids that maybe we should not have done that (By the way, there was no sign that told us not to enter or stay away from the fence) but my kids said it was awesome.  Our daughter said, "Mom that is the first time I have seen my dad in person since they took him away and I loved it."  The kids were on cloud nine for the rest of the day. We were so blessed to be able to see him and I am so glad that our kids had so much faith and determination to just keep on running towards their daddy.

Dave lives in the G3 pod.  There is so much barbed wire fencing surrounding his yard which also has alot of electrical fencing. Dave loved that he got to see his kids and couldn't believe how big they have gotten.  But he also said that he feels so bad for them to have to see him like this.  It was hard for him to think that his kids had to see him being locked up behind all of these fences.  He just wanted to run out to them and give them a hug and kiss.  But I know that our kids were able to look past the fence.  All they saw was their loving, caring, happy and awesome daddy.

On Sunday Dave sang to the kids out of the church hymn book.  He just kept telling them how much he loved them and was proud of them over and over.  Our kids did not want to say goodbye to their dad because since we live so far away we probably can't afford to come back as often as we would like.  We were so grateful for the opportunity to be able to see him.  We were also thankful that we got to see and talk with Cliven and Mel for a little bit. We were thankful for how nice the guards treated us at the Detention Center.  They were very patient with us and answered any questions that we had.

The kids love their daddy.  I love my husband.  We miss him dearly.  Everyday that we are away from him is a struggle.   We appreciate all of your prayers and love towards our family.  I do feel daily that angels are watching over us and also Dave while he is away from us.  As a family we continue to pray to Heavenly Father that he will allow us to be together soon.  We pray for all of the political prisoners that they also can be reunited with their families. We love you DAVE BUNDY and we will see you again soon.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day

As we were driving down South on our way to see Dave at the Southern Nevada Detention Center our twelve year old daughter just started to cry.  I asked her why she was crying and thought that maybe one of her siblings pushed her or did something to her while we were driving (Hey eight hours in the car with six siblings can get to the best of you).  She told me that, "she is so mad that they took her Dad away and now how is she supposed to make him breakfast and give him gifts on Father's Day."  My heart was broken again.  I tried to assure her that everything would be ok.  I told her that she was going to get to see him this weekend.  She started to cry even harder.  She said, "Ten minutes is not enough time to be able to talk and see my dad.  I need my dad."  My heart broke even harder.  I thought Mother's Day was hard because my husband wasn't around but I was totally wrong.  See on Mother's Day I was able to have my children be with me and love on me.  These children do not get to have their father to love on or their father doesn't get them to love on him.  I have broken down how many minutes each of us gets to talk with Dave on Father's Day.  I am totally giving my children most of my time with Dave because it's their dad and they need him more than ever.

Below are pictures of our time with Dave last Father's Day.  It was a great day and Dave totally got spoiled just like every dad should on Father's Day.  My ten year old said, "I hope they make all the dad's a special meal on Father's Day."  Pray for all these men and their children to have a good day on Sunday.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Where is Daddy?

This trial has been extremely hard for our children to understand where their daddy is.  It is also hard for them to understand why their dad can't come home.  It has been hard to explain to each one of the kids where their dad is and why he is not able to come home.  But the child who struggles the most with this is our little three year old.  I have had to talk with him several times to try to explain where his Daddy is because he has overheard others talking about it.  But he told me that just bad guys go to jail and his daddy is a good guy.  I have decided that he is way to young to comprehend what is happening and he is only three so give the kid a break.  He knows that his dad is a good daddy and that he doesn't belong in Jail.  So for the last three months this little guy keeps believing that his dad isn't in jail but is flying an airplane in the sky.  This little guy waves to his dad everytime he hears an airplane. This breaks my heart when he does this because his dad should be home with him but it actually puts a smile on his little face.  I did not put this thought into his mind but instead that is where he believes his daddy is.  His daddy used to take him flying with him.  They loved to go on flights together.   These little kids shouldn't have to struggle.  It is just not fair.  His daddy should be home with him flying high in the sky.  Free the Political Prisoners.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Celebrate Father's Day all week long

This week is the week leading up to Father's Day.  I challenge everyone this week to honor their father's in their lives.  I am so blessed to have so many different father figures in my life that have helped me along the way.  Below are five wonderful Father's.  These men love their children with all their hearts.  Their children love their daddy's and miss them dearly.  Between these fathers there are 26 children who live at home that are missing their daddy's.  I am grateful for all of these father's below.  They have all had a great influence on me and our children.  They have taught them about hard work, service, love, education. god and laughter.   Remember to take time this week to honor the father's in your life.

Mel, Cliven, Dave, Ammon and Ryan Bundy

Below is a cute little card that our Dally made for her Daddy!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Working Man

My husband has always been a very good provider.  He has always taken pride in providing for our family.  It has been really hard for him not being able to provide for his family at this time.  He not only enjoys providing for his family but enjoys helping others in need also.   He did not call me this afternoon so I was a little worried on what he was doing and if he was ok.  Well, the guards came to him and asked him if he would be willing to take a job in the kitchen.  He said he would try it out.  He was hoping he would be able to get a little bit more peace and quite in there.  Well, it wasn't really quite.  It actually was pretty loud in the kitchen.  He said he worked nine hours and it was alot of work.  But he didn't mind the work.    I asked him how much he got paid.  Now here is the kicker.  He told me to quess.  I thought for sure that he would have said at least a couple of dollars per hour.  Nope he gets paid 0.17 cents per hour.  I was shocked when he told me that.  Maybe that is why the kitchen is such short staffed. So he worked nine hours and earned $1.53.  I wonder if that is before or after taxes are taken out?

He would have to work 1470 hours in order to pay for one hour of our lawyers time.  So I am thinking that we are going to still need the help from the Amerian People in order to win this fight.  Dave appreciates so much everyones willingness to help us during this time.  He reminds me everyday to keep putting everything down in the ledger.  When he gets out he will be looking forward to paying it forward.  I know none of you expect it but that is just how my husband works.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

THE WALL: A Hopeless Situation

Today has been an extremly hard day.  I miss my husband more and more every day.  Tonight as we talked on the phone we both cried and sobbed.  We do not fully understand this situation that is tearing us apart.  We do not understand how this can happen in this country that we love so much.  Why are families being broken apart and seperated?  It is hard to see other families spend time together this summer when our family is seperated.  I want to go on vacation with my whole family. I want to make summer memories just like all the other families do in the summer time.  I am feeling robbed at this time.

But, I am grateful for my husband because he always knows how to make me feel better.  He told me that we are all reaching a low point and he believes that when we are at that lowest point that is when God will intervene and something great will happen.

I also watched this video tonight.  It is exactly what my husband was saying.  Maybe God does his best work from seeimingly hopeless situations.  I do believe with all of my heart that God can turn a trial into a triumpth.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  God Bless you all.


I have asked several politicians who they say is over the government.  They all look stunned for a moment and then they all say WE THE PEOPLE are.  Please take time to educate yourself on what is going on in this country.  Get involved with your local, state and federal governments.  Voice your concerns.  Hold Peaceful Protests.  Vote. Teach your children about this great country.  President Ronald Reagain said, Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” Never give up on the freedoms that this great nation can offer. 

We stand up for our freedoms so our children and our children's children will be able to live in a country where men are free.  My husband and I are constantly teaching our children that we must stand strong and hold on to each other during these troubled times.  We must stand up for what is right.  Our children know that God will intervene and the truth will prevail.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Simple Things

After talking with Dave tonight, I realized how blessed I am to be able to have such a nice soft bed,  pillows and blankets to sleep with every night.  Dave does not have a pillow.  Instead he uses his extra pair of scrubs that he is given and his one towel that he is given for the week and rolls them up to form some kind of pillow.  His blanket is so thin that he can see right through it.  He sleeps on the top bunk and is always worried that he will fall off of his bunk and onto someone else or the ground. Dave is not one to complain and he wasn't complaining at all when he told me about his bed arrangements. But I just feel so bad for him and I just realized that I need to be more grateful for the simple things in life.  I am also grateful that I have little ones that somehow find me every night to sleep with.  Dave says he would do anything to have one of his little kids to sleep with him.  He misses holding them at night and his little kids miss him holding them every night.

I am praying that Dave will be able to have sweet dreams tonight.  I hope that he will be able to feel the love that his children and wife have for him.  We miss him and are praying that he will return home soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


According to Mike Heuer with Courthouse News service, Mr. Shawn Perez lawyer to Richard Lovelien, one of the 19 defendants in the Bundy Standoff case,  said on Friday at the courthouse that, "Lovelien and Perez appeared to be in good spirits before the hearing, smiling and joking with one another as Perez said that one of the discovery materials produced by federal prosecutors is a 9-hour video of an outhouse."  I had to ask myself why would anyone film an outhouse for nine hours?  What possibly could happen in an outhouse that would have such an influence on the Bundy Standoff?  

I just want my husband home.  These men need to be home with their families.  What evidence do they really have against these men?

My daughters are practicing their song on the piano so they can give their daddy a recital when he gets home.  I am hoping for that recital real soon.  Please release our Daddy soon.  

Friday, June 3, 2016

Feeling so Blessed and Loved

It is 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep because I am on cloud 9.  Our family has been so blessed today that I am feeling so overwhelmed with emotion.  The community of Millard County and other parts of the Country have rallied around our family and lifted us up.  Thank you to the wonderful family who worked so hard to put this amazing event on.  You have devoted so much time in the last several months to make sure that this event was a success.  It was an amazing and magical night. Thank you to my friend and all of the other women who were in charge of all of the delicious desserts   Thank you to the businesses  and individuals who donated food and auction items.  Big thanks to the amazing cooks who made the best hamburgers and beans on this planet.  Thank you to all of the amazing women and young women who helped with the kids zone.  Thank you to the wonderful band that played for us throughout the night.  Thank you to the best auctioneer around.  Thank you to all of you who donated your time to make this night a success.  Thank you to all of you who traveled so far to support our family.  Thank you to this outstanding community that has seen a family in need and have rallied around them and supported them during this trial.  Dave and I just hope we will be able to pay it forward someday soon.

My husband wrote a letter to his Dear friends of Millard County and the entire country that I was able to read tonight at the BBQ.
 He said, "Being a man not blessed with eloquence it’s hard for me to put into words my thoughts of gratitude for you as you have manifested your love for your fellowman, as you have extended your helpings hands toward my dear family and I.  My heart is swollen with emotion as I realize that so many good people, that whom many I have never even met have been making sure my family’s needs are being cared for.  As a very concerned husband and father of my six children I take great comfort in knowing that they are surrounded by so many loving and god fearing people.  I thank our Heavenly Father several times each day for those blessings.  Thank you for your love.  Thank you for blessing myself, my wife and our children’s lives.  Thank you for your love and devotion to God.  Thank you with all sincerity for keeping an eye on and making sure my family is taken care of.   I pray that God has been and will continue pouring out his blessings upon you and your families.  I hope you receive all of the righteous desires of your hearts.  I will forever be indebted to you individually and collectively. Most sincerely, your friend Dave Bundy."

I agree with everything my husband said 110%.  God Bless America.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bundys BBQ Fundraiser

Please come out tonight and support this wonderful fundraiser.  So grateful to everyone involved for this great event.   Thank you to all of those who have donated to this event. This is an event you do not want to miss.  If you weren't able to buy your tickets at Ashtons then you can buy your tickets at the park.  See you tonight.

Below are some of the auction items that will be at the BBQ tonight:

There are way too many items to list so this is just a sneak peek.  Thank you again to all of the wonderful heroes who are donating to this event.