"The fight for freedom is God's fight.
So when a man stands for freedom he stands with God.
And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God.
And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God.
A man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
--Ezra Taft Benson

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Visits with Dave

We have had a busy past couple of days.  Myself and our six kids took a road trip down to Pahrump, NV to see Dave.  It took us about eight hours to drive down there with lots and lots of stops.  We wanted to make sure we were with Dave for Father's Day.  We planned our trip so we would be able to visit him on Saturday and then also on Sunday.  The inmates get one visit per week.  The week ends on Saturday and then a new week starts again on Sunday.

 We had such a great visit with him.  We were able to talk with him through video conference for two hours on Saturday and one hour on Sunday.  The kids had so much to tell him and took up most of the time.  But that was fine because it was Father's Day and they love their dad and needed him.  On Saturday Dave told the kids that maybe they could wave to him from the car and he would hurry out to the yard so he could see them waving.  Well, I told our kids to get into the car but they said they wanted to walk to see if they could see him.  I told them not to go past the sidewalk.  Well, Dave's pod is way past the sidewalk.  I saw our kids getting closer to the end of the sidewalk so I started to yell at them to stop and come back to the car.  The kids did not listen to me and just kept running farther in hopes to be able to find their dad.  I kept yelling for them to come back and they just kept on running and never turned their heads once to look at me.  All of the sudden, I see the kids jumping up and down for joy.  It really was like Christmas morning for them.  They were waving and yelling, "we see him, we see him, mom come quick."  I hurried and got in my car and drove to where they were.  Sure enough through the fences we could see him waving to us.  We were all excited and started to blow kisses and shouting to him.  We waved and told him how much we loved him.  Well, it was only a couple of minutes and the car that patrols the detention center told us to get away from the fence and get out of there.  We hurried and got into the car and drove away.  I told my kids that maybe we should not have done that (By the way, there was no sign that told us not to enter or stay away from the fence) but my kids said it was awesome.  Our daughter said, "Mom that is the first time I have seen my dad in person since they took him away and I loved it."  The kids were on cloud nine for the rest of the day. We were so blessed to be able to see him and I am so glad that our kids had so much faith and determination to just keep on running towards their daddy.

Dave lives in the G3 pod.  There is so much barbed wire fencing surrounding his yard which also has alot of electrical fencing. Dave loved that he got to see his kids and couldn't believe how big they have gotten.  But he also said that he feels so bad for them to have to see him like this.  It was hard for him to think that his kids had to see him being locked up behind all of these fences.  He just wanted to run out to them and give them a hug and kiss.  But I know that our kids were able to look past the fence.  All they saw was their loving, caring, happy and awesome daddy.

On Sunday Dave sang to the kids out of the church hymn book.  He just kept telling them how much he loved them and was proud of them over and over.  Our kids did not want to say goodbye to their dad because since we live so far away we probably can't afford to come back as often as we would like.  We were so grateful for the opportunity to be able to see him.  We were also thankful that we got to see and talk with Cliven and Mel for a little bit. We were thankful for how nice the guards treated us at the Detention Center.  They were very patient with us and answered any questions that we had.

The kids love their daddy.  I love my husband.  We miss him dearly.  Everyday that we are away from him is a struggle.   We appreciate all of your prayers and love towards our family.  I do feel daily that angels are watching over us and also Dave while he is away from us.  As a family we continue to pray to Heavenly Father that he will allow us to be together soon.  We pray for all of the political prisoners that they also can be reunited with their families. We love you DAVE BUNDY and we will see you again soon.

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  1. This is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I'm happy you guys had such a good visit and I love that he sang hymns with you. I also love that the kids got to see him through the fence.