"The fight for freedom is God's fight.
So when a man stands for freedom he stands with God.
And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God.
And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God.
A man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
--Ezra Taft Benson

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Spirit

On Saturday, I was able to go down to the rally in Pahrump, Nevada over the weekend.  It was amazing to be able to see all of the wonderful and caring supporters that we have.  Thank you all for supporting our family and all of the political prisoners. 

I was so grateful that I was able to see my sweet husband on Saturday.  I love him so much.  I  enjoyed all 65 minutes talking with him through the monitor and I could have just stayed there forever talking with him. He loves to talk about our children and always wants to make sure that they are happy .  He always tells me how lucky and blessed he is to have the family that he has.  I always tell him back that we are also lucky and blessed to have him in our family.

We talked about Christmas during our visit.  I know it was hard for him and I to talk about it because we just want him to come home for the holidays.  Dave loves, loves Christmas.  He loves to see his children's happy faces on Christmas Day. He has always loved buying gifts for everyone.  He would always buy gifts and give them to family and friends but then he would also give gifts to complete strangers. His greatest joy comes from seeing others happy.  When I was talking with him he told me that for the next couple of weeks that he won't be ordering commissary for himself but instead he is going to buy as many snicker candy bars as he can so that on Christmas Day he can hand out snicker bars to everyone in his pod.  He said he might not have enough by Christmas so he might have to break them in half.  This is how my husband is.  He is always thinking of others.  Isn't this what Christmas is all about.  I am so grateful that I am married to a husband who is always thinking of others.  But it also makes me hurt to think that the only thing these men might get on Christmas Day is a snickers bar.  I wonder how many of us would be happy with just a snickers bar? 

Yesterday, our 13 year old daughter asked me when her dad's next detention hearing was going to be?  I told her I wasn't sure but maybe after Christmas. She wanted to know why it couldn't be before Christmas?  I kept trying to explain to her that Christmas was just around the corner and there might not be enough time to have one.  Nothing, I said was a good enough reason for her.  She finally just said, "I NEED MY DAD HOME FOR CHRISTMAS."   I left the room crying because as parents you always want to try to make your children's Christmas wishes come true.  These children need their daddy to come home.  We need a miracle.

I am asking all of you to please pray that we might witness a miracle this Friday.  All of the defendants are going to go before the judge for a status hearing on the case on Friday morning in Las Vegas.  My husband has not had a hearing for seven months now.  He has not left the Detention Center since May.  Please pray for these men as they travel to Las Vegas for their hearing that they will travel in safety.  Pray for them that they might be able to witness a tender mercy at the hearing.  Also, pray for the lawyers that they will have guidance from the spirit to convey the truth to the Judge.  Lastly, please pray for the Judge that she will be able to see that these men are not guilty and release them to go home to their families for the holidays.

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