"The fight for freedom is God's fight.
So when a man stands for freedom he stands with God.
And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God.
And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God.
A man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
--Ezra Taft Benson

Friday, March 3, 2017

One year ago our life changed.

Today marks the one year mark that my husband was taken away from our family.  On March 3, 2016 my husband woke up early to take our nine year old daughter to catch the bus at school to go to a field trip to the State Capital.  I remember him giving me a kiss goodbye before he left.  He then headed to go to work on building our home.  We were so excited for our new home to be built.  We had waited six years to build a home and were so grateful that we were finally able to do it.

At 7:20 in the morning I received a phone call that has changed our life's forever.  One of the workers who were helping to build our home asked me where Dave was?  I said, "he went to work on the house."  The worker then said, "well they have blocked off the street and will not let us down the road."  I immediately started to feel sick.  I asked him who?  He said, "the FBI."  I dropped the phone and screamed for my dad to help me.  He drove me to our home and we saw the convoy of FBI agents leaving our property.  Several FBI SUV's stopped me from following them.  I got out of my car and asked them what they were doing with my husband.  They told me they were just doing their job.  I remember yelling and asking them why would they take my husband.  I was so upset that I threw up on the ground.  They told me that I could call their supervisor and discuss it with them and they drove away.  I slowly learned throughout the day that the FBI also picked up thirteen other men on that same day including Dave's brother Mel.  

 My husband was taken to Weber County Jail in Utah.  He was denied bail in Utah because they said he was a danger to the community and a flight risk even though our Mayor and County Sheriff welcomed him back into the community.  He was then flown to Henderson, Nevada.  There in Nevada our lawyer stood up and told the judge that Dave wanted his speedy trial rights and will be ready for trial in May.  The judge denied his speedy trial rights and scheduled the trial for February.  We tried for bail again in Nevada.  Once again Dave was denied because they said he was a danger to the community and a flight risk even though Dave had zero criminal record and our Sheriff was willing to monitor him on pre-trial release.  Dave was then moved to Pahrump, NV to a maximum security detention center.  We were preparing for trial in February when in December the judge informed us that Dave would not be going to trial in February but would have to wait for two other groups to go first before his trial would begin.  We have no idea when his trial will be.  Some say August and now some are even saying the first of next year.

My heart has ached every day since March 3, 2016.  I feel so sick inside to even right this post because it hurts to think he has been gone that long. Our hearts have been broken for a whole year now. Our children have not seen Dave physically in a year.  The home that we were so excited to build is covered in snow and our funds for our home have gone to pay for lawyer fees.   Dave has been deprived of so many moments with our family.  He has missed all of the children's birthdays and all the holiday celebrations.  He has been kept away from hearing our sweet baby talk and grow.  He has missed out on sports games, piano recitals, camping trips with is family.  These are moments and time that he will never be able to have back.
The children have changed also.  You can tell that they are trying their best to be strong but every child needs their dad around.  I find them crying at different times for their dad.  They miss throwing the football with him.  They miss working with him.  They miss his hugs and kisses.  They miss going on horse rides with him.  They miss him tucking them into bed.  I now sleep with at least three kids a night in my bed because these children miss their dad and do not want to sleep alone.

We pray everyday that this trial will be over soon.  Our children need their dad home.  I need my husband and best friend home.  All of the men that were taken need to be home to their families.  These are all good men.  They are patriotic men who love this country.  They are completely innocent of the bogus charges that they are being charged with. They do not deserve or do their families deserve what they are going through.  

Even though this trial is hard Dave and I are not giving up.  We have a very strong love for each other, our Country and God.  Our children love their daddy tremendously. We know that Dave is a hundred percent innocent.  He is definitely not the person that the government is portraying him to be.  He is a wonderful husband and caring father.  He is a great friend and neighbor to others.  He is our hero.

I want to also say that Dave and I are extremely grateful for those of you who have helped us this past year.  Words can't describe how thankful we are for your thoughtfulness toward our family during this difficult time.  We are grateful for your letters, donations, gifts, prayers and many more acts of kindness.  You have helped to lighten our load and share our burdens.  We love you all and are so thankful for all of you.  We wouldn't have been able to make it through this year without you.  We know that God is ultimately in control.  We know that he hears our prayers.  We know that truth will prevail.  Please continue to pray for all of these men and their families.  Please pray that we will never have to spend another March 3 away from our men again.  Pray that justice will be served and all these men will be found NOT GUILTY.  God Bless You All.

This is the picture capturing the joyful reunion when Dave was first taken overnight in 2014.  I am so excited for the reunion when he is found not guilty and returned home to our family where he belongs.


  1. Oh my gosh Marylynn, my heart aches for all of you!!!!

  2. God bless Dave, you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers continue for you all and the others who have been held and denied their rights.

  3. This is heart breaking. I'm an adult and can't imagine how hard it is to be a child without their daddy there.None of these people deserve to be in jail or the families separated by government overreach no government tyranny

  4. You are loved and supported. I personally am sorry that people like Hillary Clinton have been allowed to make her uranium deals with our resources, forcing the removal of any and all who stand in their way. I also read where the Chinese have been sold our tracts of land to install solar farms. I hope you will soon be reunited with your husband and the father of your children. I regret the corruption that this country is now known for.

  5. I just watched a movie with Tommy Lee Jones, "Stranger on My Land", for the first time. It is almost identical to the Bundy Ranch fiasco. Filmed in 1988. So, the land grab and federal vandalism is not new. Who will set it right, and end this horror on American soil to American citizens?

  6. This is so wrong and my heart aches for you and your family. The truth will come out, it always does. Stay strong.

  7. Notice, to neutralize protest against illegal govt. actions, they arrest a slew of citizens. But if Obama attempts to overthrow a democratically elected govt., or Hillary deletes thousands of emails ordered in an investigation, they remain free. Until our justice system is equalized, our country will remain broken.